State of Oklahoma Recycling Reports 2012-2016

The State of Oklahoma, Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES), is required to compile and report on statewide public entity recycling efforts as specified under 74 O.S. 85.55, the Oklahoma State Recycling and Recycled Materials Procurement Act.

This program, administered by State Surplus, a department of Capital Assets Management (CAM) of OMES, includes both the recycling of waste materials and the purchase of products made from recycled content as methods to conserve resources, reduce the amount of materials placed in landfills, and save money.

All public entities, including state agencies, political subdivisions and school districts are subject to the Recycling Act. Each entity appoints a recyclable materials coordinator as a point of contact to collaborate efforts with OMES. Entities must also file an annual report that compiles the results of their recycling programs for the fiscal year with CAM.

Download reports from 2012 through 2016:

State of Oklahoma Recycling Report 2016

State of Oklahoma Recycling Report 2015

State of Oklahoma Recycling Report 2014

State of Oklahoma Recycling Report 2013

State of Oklahoma Recycling Report 2012