Product Stewardship

Oklahoma Meds and Sharps Disposal Committee (OMSDC)

The OMSDC is a coalition of professionals working on a statewide solution for the safe disposal of medical sharps and leftover pharmaceuticals for Oklahoma residents. Funded by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality with facilitation and technical support from the Product Stewardship Institute, the committee meets periodically to share information and to develop solutions. Find more information and resources such as a statewide map of pharmaceutical locations, a Guide to Building a Municipal Program from Home-Generated Medical Sharps, fact sheets on the safe disposal of sharps and pharmaceuticals, and information on OMSDC's.

Press Release 12-19-22: OK Launches Sharp Disposal Program.

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Safe Disposal of Batteries

It is important to properly dispose of batteries.  The U.S. EPA has recently published information about the types of batteries used in households and how to manage them when they are no longer needed.  Certain batteries should NOT go in household garbage or recycling bins.