Sample Proclamation 3

Your City, Oklahoma Celebrates America Recycles Day
November 15, 20__

WHEREAS (Your City) residents generate more than (Your Tonnage #) tons of trash, and this trash is buried in a landfill; and
WHEREAS (Your City / State) residents are on track to recycle more than (Recycling tonnage #) tons in 2008 through (Your City / State) curbside (or drop-off) recycling program; and
WHEREAS (The name of your recycling program), a program of (Your City), is the (largest, best, most utilized, etc.)  municipal recycling program in Oklahoma, serving (Your City / State) residents every (time period, each week, weekly, daily); and
WHEREAS Recycling saves precious energy, conserves valuable natural resources, protects the environment, reduces landfill needs and has a positive economic impact; and
WHEREAS The City and County of (Your City and County, if applicable) and its residents can do more to reduce and recycle waste; and
WHEREAS Waste reduction and the purchase of recycled-content products are critically important elements of an environmentally responsible waste management program; and
WHEREAS America Recycles Day is a national promotion to help raise awareness about recycling and buying recycled products; and
WHEREAS The theme of America Recycles Day 20__ is ________________________________________; and
WHEREAS (Your organization, City, Oklahoma) is hosting America Recycles Day events to celebrate the worthwhile cause of recycling and is giving away fun prizes for residents who commit to do more to make recycling work; and
WHEREAS Recycling is good for the (Your City /“our”) community.

Now, therefore, I, (responsible person e.g. Governor, Mayor, Council President, etc), proclaim Saturday, November 15, 20__

Oklahoma Celebrates America Recycles Day 200__ in (City or Locality).

Given under my hand and the Executive Seal of the State (or County, etc), this 15th day of November 20__.

Honorable ___________________ , Mayor (or other official)