Okie Recycling Tours

Are you curious to learn more about recycling happenings in your local community or state? Do you want to know how recycling works in your city? How about what happens to your recycling once it leaves your curb? Or, how recyclables are made into new products and available for you to purchase? If your answer to these questions is “YES” then head on to the OKRA YouTube channel for the Okie Recycling Tour or click on the links below for recent tours. The Okie Recycling Tour is a new recycling documentary program brought to you by OKRA. It covers recycling happenings in Oklahoma, featuring organizations,          businesses, cities, companies, schools, institutions and individuals working to improve recycling in their communities. Below are few episodes from our past Okie Recycling Tours.

Okie Recycling Tour Part 1 – Tulsa TRT

Okie Recycling Tour Part 2 – City of Stillwater

Okie Recycling Tour Part 3 – Keep McAlester Beautiful

Okie Recycling Tour Part 4 – Riverfield Country Day School

Okie Recycling Tour Part 5 – Bixby OK Tire and E-Waste collection event

Future Tours – Do you or your organization want to be featured in our next Okie Recycling Tour? If your answer is yes, please feel free to contact